Disneyland Trip - November 3, 2003

We went to Disneyland again, here is our trip report!

Background: My daughter, 14, son, 12, and myself went on a local school holiday. The news said a 30% chance of sprinkles during the day. Note: when the weather people say that we typically have cloudy skies, but a nice day. My son and I even wore shorts!

We left early knowing the traffic would be horrendous on a rainy monday morning. We did hit quite a bit of traffic, but made good time, all things considered. Parked our car in the Mickey and Friends lot, and headed towards the parking tram. At this point it was just lightly sprinkling. We were not prepared for rain, because I really didnt feel it would rain. We stopped at the giant Disney store in Downtown Disney, across from where the tram leaves you. We bought ponchos and hats. The ponchos this year are blue. See photo above!

We got out our annual passes and headed for the gates - the park just opened 5 minutes ago - so there were still some lines to get in. We waited maybe 2 minutes in line to get into the park. It still was just lightly misting, but we wore our ponchos. Walking up Main Street you could see the castle clearly because of the lack of crowds. It was neat. We saw a group of people we recognized from our town. This day was a school holiday only for our school district, we ended up seeing MANY people we knew and/or recognized. It was kind of strange seeing so many people there - we all had the same idea, I guess.

We decided to do the Matterhorn first. We love that ride! The line was maybe 5 minutes long. The ride was fun as always. From there we took the short cut towards Fronteirland - there was NO ONE walking along the path - see photo below:

We walked by Big Thunder Mountain, it was still closed because of the accident. I dont know if they will reopen it or not. They had it all fenced off. We tried to look inside, but you couldn't see much. We kept walking and made it to Splash Mountain. We had our ponchos, so the wet wasnt going to bother us! The line was about 20 minutes long, we rode Single Rider instead. Walked right on. My kids and I dont mind being separated, if it means no wait. We rode, had a great time, and our ponchos kept us dry!

Next was the Haunted Mansion. There was little to no line, the queue was very short. We rode it. They had the Nightmare before Xmas decorations up, makes it really fun to ride. I took lots of pictures inside. Some of them turned out pretty cute. Here is one from outside the building:

We then went to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, which is always great. Since the movie came out this ride is more crowded than usual, but still the line was only about 10 minutes long. Going on a rainy day, on a weekday that most people have work/school is always a good bet at Disneyland!

From here we went to Indiana Jones, which is such a great ride! This is where the crowds were - the line was 40 minutes long, so we went and rode Single Rider again. Walked right on! My son ended up sitting behind a group of his friends who were there. What a coincedence!

We were thrilled at the lack of lines, even though we were a little wet, it was a perfect day! We wanted to do a couple things at Disneys California Adventure so we left Disneyland at this time. But first we stopped by the giant xmas tree to take some photos of the kids! It was about 1:00 by now.

California Adventure was empty, too. Walked in and then over to this hot dog place to eat lunch. Its right near the entrance, and usually the lines arent too long. Had a quickie lunch, then rode a few rides. Did Soaring over California first, its such a neat ride. No matter how many times you ride it, its fun. Line was about 5 minutes long. The kids wanted to ride the river rafting ride, but it wasnt open. We went to play the Millionaire game. It was starting to rain pretty hard during the wait for the show. We had our trusty ponchos, but we were getting wet. It wasn't cold, so we were ok. My daughter got to sit in the Ring of Fire, which she enjoyed. My son and I both made the top 10 list at one point ( I was number 2). It was a fun escape from the rain.

Next we headed back to the 'carnival' area, as we call it. Rode California Screamin twice, the kids rode the Ferris Wheel, then we rode Mullhulland Madness, which is a kiddie roller coaster. The lines were pretty non-existant so the kids rode it a few times, without even getting off! By this time we had to leave, I wanted to get on the road home before traffic time. We got so much done in such a short period of time, it was wonderful!

Positive things: The lack of crowds. Christmas decor was up (most of it). Got tons done in a very short period of time

Negatives: We got a little wet, but thats it!

Overall: Wonderful day! Doing Disney in the rain definitely has its benefits!