Photos of the Grand Californian Resort (5-01)

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GCdoors.jpg (50165 bytes)

Gorgeous Stained Glass Entry Way Door into Lobby area. This is a fitting way to enter such a spectacular resort!

gcfromdca.jpg (67989 bytes)

View of Grand Californian, from Inside California Adventure

armoire.jpg (63962 bytes)

Armoire with TV/Refrigerator. Dresser drawers below. The refrigerator has drinks (water, sodas, and alcohol) as well as candy inside. If you take any of it, you will be charged for the items.

5thfloor.jpg (58200 bytes)

Floor Map, shows where different room numbers are. Sorry its not too clear. Our room was 5133 - top right corner room on the map.

bunks.jpg (61979 bytes)

Kids on the bunk bed. There is a trundle bed under bottom bunk! Bunk bed rooms are great if you have kids!

roomview.jpg (59385 bytes)

View of room, bunks to the left, queen bed ahead. Armoire and table to the right. Sliding door to balcony beyond bed.

lights.jpg (39599 bytes)

Gorgeous hanging lights. This is from hallway on 5th floor, going to the elevator area.

ourview1.jpg (53090 bytes)

The view looking straight out on balcony. It is the roof of the conference center below. Nice shade of green, dont you think? This is a standard view room, in case you couldn't tell!

ourviewlft.jpg (59994 bytes)

This is the other view, if you look way over towards the left on the balcony. Its the valet/main entrance to the resort! DCA is beyond.

ourviewrght.jpg (39801 bytes)

View from our balcony if you stand way over on the right and look out.  Downtown Disney buildings are beyond the green!

roombunks.jpg (63746 bytes)

Another shot of the bunk beds/ queen bed. Bathroom area to the rigth beyond the beds. Closet to the left. Door into room straight back

closets.jpg (31423 bytes)

This is the closet. Inside the closet is a travel size crib, a fold down ironing board and iron, extra pillows and blankets, and 2 white robes!

signdca.jpg (46111 bytes)

This is the sign you see when leaving Grand Californian walking into DCA.

vanity.jpg (85800 bytes)

This is the vanity area of the bathroom. There is a pocket door enclosing the toilet/bathtub - shower. The vanity area has a blowdryer, coffee pot, and pull out magnifying mirror. 2 sinks is nice :)

studesk.jpg (52275 bytes)

 My husband hard at work! This is the table that is across from the queen bed. 2 chairs.

towel.jpg (47638 bytes)

Towel decor in the bathroom area - very pretty!

CGroombeds.jpg (91008 bytes)

View from balcony. As you can see, there is plenty of room between the queen bed and the bunk beds.

GCclosetanddoor.jpg (66847 bytes)

Mirrored closet doors, and the entry door.

GCfromDCA3.jpg (80566 bytes)

Looking from Disneys California Adventure towards Grand Californian

GCfromDCA2.jpg (79664 bytes)

Another view of the Grand Californian from DCA

GCmonorail.jpg (51120 bytes)

The monorail goes right through the Grand Californian courtyard area. It does not stop at the resort, however.

GCpool.jpg (86398 bytes)

One of the Grand Californian Pools. This is the pool where most of the kids tend to hang out, since the slides are here!

GCpool2.jpg (83465 bytes)

Another shot of the pool area, this is the second of the pools. No slides in this pool area, more adults tend to be at this one. The other pool is just beyond it, towards the back of this photo. That's where the slides and kids are! There are 2 hot tubs, and a toddler pool, too!

GCnavsigns.jpg (58052 bytes)

This is what you see as soon as you walk through the entrance to the Grand Californian.

GCvanityarea.jpg (73414 bytes)

Another photo of the vanity area

GCsideexterior.jpg (132387 bytes)

Another exterior view of the Grand Californian

GCtoDD.jpg (58106 bytes)

This is the gate you go through to get to Downtown Disney, from the Grand Californian. Love the design! You exit right into the middle of Downtown Disney! Turn right to go to Disneyland!

GCrightsideofroom.jpg (48928 bytes)

Good shot of the armoire and the small table.

GCviewfromctyd.jpg (71483 bytes)

View of the hotel from the courtyard area near the pools.

lobbyfromabove.jpg (68981 bytes)

View from the 5th floor interior balcony/walkway down into the lobby area! You can see how immense the space is by how tiny the GRAND piano looks!