Photos at Disney's California Adventure (taken 5-6-01)

Very cool copper sun! I am not sure if its copper, but it looks like it. This Sun is huge!

Entrance into the park. The letters spelling out CALIFORNIA are probably about 10-12 feet tall. Very cool! The entrance is really quite impressive. This photo was taken from standing at the Disneyland ticket booths.

Bus advertising DCA. Cool looking bus!

This train is right at the entrance to the park. It holds an ice cream shop, toy shop, and something else (cant remember what)

This is CHER in the very lame Superstar Limo ride

Entrance into the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area.

California Screamin' Roller Coaster. There is a loop inside the mickey head - its a FUN roller coaster!

Sun Wheel Ferris Wheel. We didn't ride this ferris wheel, but it looked fun.

View of the pier area of DCA, from across the lake

Looking back towards the entrance from the center of the park. The Golden Gate bridge looks pretty real from a distance!

Grizzly Peak - very cool mountain.

viewofDCAfromGC.jpg (48188 bytes)

View of DCA from just outside the Grand Californian Resort (side of the building)

My digital camera was acting up, so I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to! Time to get a new one, I think!