Photos at Disneyland, May 8-9 2001

Walts reminder to the guests who enter Disneyland to leave all the outside world OUTSIDE of Disneyland!

Disneyland still has Mr Toads Wild Ride!

This is the 5 freeway - Santa Ana freeway - Golden State freeway, whatever you would like to call it - without ANY traffic! A very rare sight! Disneyland exit sign got us excited to be so close!

Signage on Disney Drive, just before you get to the resort/theme park area



New Chevron Autopia cars.


MKcanoe.jpg (117881 bytes)

The canoes at Disneyland are a fun way to go around the lake! It use to be real hard work rowing, but my kids said it was very easy for them!


Partner Statue, with the castle in the background. I still cant get over how small the castle is compared to the MK castle. We learned on our "Walking in Walts Footsteps Tour" why it was built small - or reasons why they THINK it was built small; in comparison to the Matterhorn, they had to keep things in perspective. Couldn't have a huge castle against the Matterhorn (which is suppose to be a huge Ice mountain!).


autopiacarclose.jpg (84982 bytes)

Driving the new Autopia cars - this Macaroni and Cheese colored car was a favorite of the people in line!


castletop.jpg (64542 bytes)

Here is a close up of the top of the castle. Did you know that the spires on top of the castle are coated in REAL gold? I didn't know that, until our tour!

guidesteve.jpg (63557 bytes)

This is Steve, our 'Walking in Walts Footsteps' Tour Guide. He taught us many interesting things about Walt and Disneyland!